Near North Development Corporation (NNDC) was founded in 1967 by a group of longtime residents of the Near North Side Community (The North Town community), who were deeply concerned about the deteriorating conditions of affordable housing in the area. They wanted to ensure that there were quality housing options for low income minority residents of the community and to generally improve the quality of lives. NNDC’s initial purpose was to stem the tide of deterioration, demolition of abandon buildings, and build new low-moderate income housing to stabilize the neighborhood.

In 1978, NNDC successfully completed 84 units of affordable housing at Evergreen and Sedgewick. In 1981 construction was completed for 100 units for the elderly at Evergreen Towers; in 1983 NNDC built 84 units called Evergreen Terrace and in 1991 NNDC built 101 units called Evergreen Towers II. These achievements were widely acknowledged and gave NNDC a strong reputation as a low-moderate income housing developer and manager. NNDC then focused its attention on other neighborhood concerns which affect viable community life. Crime prevention, local school improvement, neighborhood commercial and industrial revitalization and affordable programs offered by the Park District were the important issues on which NNDC focused during the period from 1986-2004.

NNDC is dedicated to maintaining North Town as economically, socially, and racially integrated neighborhood. Our commitment to this goal is grounded in the belief that a community’s diverse population is an asset. Residents of North Town are from a variety of cultures and income levels. They all have qualities, skills, histories, and merit – or “human capital”—that can enrich each other and the community. At the heart of NNDC’s work is a belief that a healthy community not only accepts, but also values and benefits, from the diverse talents and experiences of its members.

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